Every single volunteer at Miners Alley Playhouse in Golden, Colorado is worth their weight in gold, but there are some who could be measured in platinum for the amount of time, energy, and love they give. During National Volunteer Month, we wanted to pay tribute to our amazing volunteers and tell you a little bit more about what volunteering looks like at Miners Alley.

Our Coordinator of Volunteers, Mary Jo Calandriello, took time this month to put together some amazing data and stories about our some of our volunteers.

How many hours does a volunteer give in a year’s time?

Most of our volunteers do one show for each run, and although the time for each play varies, it averages to about 24 hours of individual volunteer time per year. That alone is a lot of giving! Miners Alley Playhouse couldn’t do it without every one of those 24 hours. Hats off to each and every one of you!

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Above and Beyond
There is a special group of volunteers, without whose willingness to do multiple shifts, to come in on the spur of a moment, to juggle their schedules, and give so generously of their time, Miners Alley would not be the theater it is today.

Let’s begin with Jeri Lou Maus; after all, she started this whole thing!!
When Miners Alley Playhouse was in its early years as Morrison Theater, Jeri Lou began recruiting many of the remarkable volunteers you see today. Those happy folks you see helping patrons find their seats, manning our will call desk, and being the smiling, welcoming ambassadors they are. Without Jeri Lou, who doggedly and cheerfully gathered her flock of eager volunteers, Miners Alley would not shine as brightly as it does today.

When Jeri Lou turned over the reins to Heidi Markley, she took them with purpose and passion. Heidi loves Miners Alley and it shows – in the rapport, thoughtfulness, and generosity she bestows on its volunteers, its patrons, and pretty much everyone who walks through the door! Heidi is one of those people who, if you need something done…ask Heidi. She will tackle almost any project, need, or event and she will do so with determination. Heidi is always there when we need someone to step in. In the last 15 years, she has recruited, encouraged, and cajoled volunteers, picked up glasses, hung up coats, glued props together, donated selflessly (both time and money), all to help Miners Alley thrive. For these reasons and so much more, we named the Volunteer of the Year award The Heidi. She was its well-deserving first recipient, and it is because of her and Jeri Lou, that we have a volunteer staff of 88 today.

There are some people that have a knack for connecting with others…and our own Cathy Taylor is definitely one of them. Cathy has never met a stranger; she has the gift of gab and a contagious smile to go with it. She is always willing to step in when we need a volunteer at the last minute and she has sewed, glued, and put together countless items in pre-production to help create costumes and props. Miners Alley is lucky indeed to have such a willing, untiring, dedicated queen of hospitality!

When it comes to new additions on our volunteer staff, we hit the jackpot with one of our newest and youngest volunteers, Anneke Powell. Coming on board at the age of 14, Anneke brings enthusiasm and unbridled joy to everyone she encounters.  Always willing to do whatever is asked of her, and never waiting to be asked, Anneke is a volunteer role model!

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give. ~ Winston Churchill

-Mary Jo Calandriello