Because theatre is for everyone!

We aim to ensure accessibility for all patrons, and we want to help you find the information you need to feel comfortable and welcome in our facility. Please see the sections below:

For Patrons with Mobility Concerns 

For Theater Entry, Drop Off, & ADA Parking Questions

For Deaf or Hearing-Impaired Patrons

For Blind or Vision-Impaired Patrons

For Patrons with Sensory Needs

For Patrons with Service Dogs

Seat Size Information

Miners Alley complies with all applicable federal, state and local statutes and laws to ensure accessibility to all who visit our theater.

If you have questions, or if there is an accessibility service you are interested in that you do not see listed here, please call the box office at (303) 935-3044, or email

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Amelia and her "dog" Gadget on stage. Amelia is writing a letter.

For Patrons with Mobility Concerns

Accessible Seating

Miners Alley aims to seat all our patrons in locations that will make their theater experience comfortable and enjoyable. We offer seating accommodations to patrons who use wheelchairs or have other accessibility requests, such as the need for an aisle seat, or to sit close due to concern with stairs or hearing/vision loss. Patrons who use a wheelchair can transfer to a theater seat, or may remain in their chair and request for a seat to be removed.  

Accessibility Seat Selection Guide

The row A seats are stair-free. Please check the seating maps for individual performances. Hovering over the seat map will show you the attributes of each seat.

South Section:  Seat A4

ADA Fixed Seats: For patrons who prefer to transfer to a theater seat; available to those with walkers, crutches, or other mobility considerations, or for companions of those with wheelchairs or walkers.
East:  Seats A1, A3
West: Seats A1, A3
South:  Seats A1, A2, A3, A5, A6, A7

To best meet your seating needs, we encourage you to plan your visit early. You may choose your own seat when purchasing online, or you can call the box office at 303-935-3044 if you need assistance with purchasing the best seats to meet your needs.

 If a performance is ever General Admission seating, please call the box office to reserve an accessible seat for that performance.

When you book ADA seats online, you will receive a questionnaire from the box office asking for details about your needs. Please fill out the questionaire prior to your arrival, to ensure that we have the correct seat in place for you. Thank you!


Theater Drop Off, Entry, & ADA Parking Information 

There are two designated ADA parking spaces directly in front of our theater building.  There are also two other ADA designated parking spaces in the lot in front of our building.  A one-way traffic pattern past the theater entrance allows for a safe drop-off beside the ramped sidewalk leading to the doors with automatic buttons for easy entry.  Our building entrance, lobby and bar spaces, theater space, and accessible restrooms are all located on the ground level. Inside the theater space, the front-row ADA theater seating can be accessed directly from the lobby.


For Deaf or Hearing-Impaired Patrons

Assistive Listening Devices

Miners Alley offers Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s) for every performance in our theater spaces. ALD’s amplify the sound from onstage. Any patron can use this service at no charge.  

We currently have 12 ALD packs available for each performance, and there are two types of corded amplification delivery choices available:  

Single, Over Ear Speakers:  These plug into the ALD’s audio connection and have an earpiece speaker w a loop that rests around the outer ear of either ear of your choice.  (12 available)

Neck Loop Cords:  These plug into the ALD’s audio connection and allow patrons whose hearing aids have an enabled t-coil setting to connect to the device. (3 available)

Should you wish to borrow an ALD during your visit, simply request one at check-in. Please note that you will need to hand in a Photo ID to borrow a device that will be returned to you after the performance. You can also contact the Box Office in advance of your performance if you plan to borrow an ALD so that they can have a unit ready for you to pick up.

For Blind or Vision-Impaired Patrons

Audio Description (AD) performances

Audio Description, for patrons with vision loss, is live verbal commentary of the essential visual components of a production as it unfolds, such as the style and design elements, facial expressions, and visual jokes. The description is delivered in between the dialogue of a performance and is only picked up by the audience member wearing a specific Assistive Listening Device (ALD). Live description is provided by the Audio Descriptor whom Miners Alley has hired for the performance.   

Depending on the equipment each Audio Descriptor uses, the number of available devices may vary. Please contact the Box Office ahead of the AD designated show to reserve one of the devices, to ensure we will have the necessary equipment available. Instructions on how the devices will be distributed will be given at that time. You will need to hand in a Photo ID to borrow a device. It will be returned to you after the performance.

Upcoming Audio Described Performance Schedule for our 2024 Mainstage Season:

THE FULL MONTY: Sunday, June 2nd

SCHOOL OF ROCK: Sunday, September 8th


HOLIDAY SHOW: Sunday, December 22nd


For Patrons with Sensory Needs

Additional sensory guidance services are in development and are planned to be introduced in the near future. If you are concerned about any specific triggers, please contact the box office. We will offer you details about trigger warnings for the particular show you are interested in.

For Patrons with Service Dogs

Miners Alley welcomes patrons with Service Dogs (and Service Dogs in Training) to attend our performances. In accordance with Colorado law and the Americans with Disabilities Act, acceptable Service Dogs perform specific services or tasks to assist a person with a disability. Emotional support and comfort animals are not always qualified as Service Animals under the ADA and thus may not be permitted. Service Animals are required to be housebroken, kept on a leash at all times within the facility, and may be subject to removal in the event of disruption to the performance.

We have tremendous love and appreciation for service animals at Miners Alley. In the case of exceptionally loud or startling shows, we reserve the right to strongly advise that service animals enjoy a “doggie day care” experience in our lobby after assisting their owner into the theater.

Seat Size Information

Our seat dimensions from arm rest to arm rest can vary from row to row, and section to section.

Our seats are approximately 17.5″ between the arm rests. 

If you are concerned about the dimensions above, please contact us ahead of time so we can work with you to create the most comfortable seating experience possible for your visit. We are able to replace some front-row seats with armless chairs if those spaces have not yet been reserved by another patron.