Denver Children's Theatre(with some major changes…)

What a Spring this has been!  We have missed out on not one, but two show openings and have missed out on our Spring Session After School Acting classes. But we will “…not go gentle into that good night” (thank you, Dylan Thomas).  We will continue on with our Youth Education Theatre Intensive (yes, that is what YETI stands for) to bring your kids together with our teachers to create theatre experiences they will never forget.

Things will look different. The first two weeks will be online. I know not everyone is a big fan of online classes these days but it is the only way we can keep everyone safe and still do what we and your kids love to do:  Make Theatre!  In July we hope to add in-person classes — with proper health precautions taken and social distancing maintained — while still doing online classes for those who just can’t risk in-person contact.

We have thought long and hard about what we can do and we know you have, too.  We have sent out surveys to see what works for you (and what doesn’t) so we can bring the camps to you and your kids in a way that works for the majority of our patrons.  If we can do in-person camps they will be outdoors, to provide the space we need for safety, and we may have to get creative about how to share the final performances.  While there will be room for some audience members we will be recording the performances so those who can’t attend will still get to see the kids (and grandkids!) showcase their talents.

Check out our website for information on the new theatre classes.  And, as always, if you want more info, please feel free to contact me at  Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!  Stay healthy, stay safe.

Rory Pierce, Director of Children’s Theatre