Hello you wonderful patrons! Well, we are further into self-quarantine/social distancing than any of us would have imagined only a month ago. Heck, just a few short months ago who among us even thought of “social distancing”? Now, while there is talk of the “stay at home” restrictions being eased a bit, I believe we are still a long way from being able to gather together for a play.  I miss seeing people at Miners Alley Playhouse. I miss talking with the kids before our Children’s plays while they gather to color their Miners Alley Children’s Theatre program center page.  I miss hearing their laughter as they help us with the stories we tell on so many Saturdays throughout the year — I cannot wait to see them again.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait a little longer. However…you don’t have to wait.

We want to share some of our Miners Alley Children’s Theatre plays with you and your family to help get through these long days at home. Last year we began recording our plays so we would have some record of what we do. At first, it was just for our own archives, but when we saw the quality of the recordings Ray Bailey has given us we decided it would be a great opportunity to let you see some of our past shows.  We don’t have many plays yet that have been recorded, but we do have a few.  The first one will be released for viewing on Friday, April 24th. It is The Frog Prince which originally played last summer. Check your email inbox in the next few days for how to view the play.

This is our first venture into sharing plays in this way so there may be some hiccups, but never fear, we will figure it out. There are so many things we are unfamiliar with that are now or will soon be a part of our lives. We hope you enjoy The Frog Prince.  Once you have a chance to see it please let us know what you think. Just send us an email at mail@minersalley.com, we look forward to hearing from you.  Stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy!

~  Rory Pierce