Golden Theatre - Miners AlleyWhile the launch of the MAP Blog coincides with the devastating Coronavirus pandemic, it has been on the to do list since we debuted our new website last fall. Warren Sherrill, who just directed MAP’s production of Frankie and Johnny said of the Benchmark Theatre production of The Quality of Life he directed in 2019, “I wanted it to leave people with the hope that we can all understand each other a little bit better.”

That is our wish with the launch of the MAP Blog! We plan to bring you updates on what MAP and the MAP Staff is doing during this closure, behind the scenes looks at set and costume design, notes from directors and music directors on plays and musicals that we are producing, fun news on children and adult educational classes and Miners Alley Children’s Theatre performances, and information about the Denver theatre community and the beautiful Golden, Colorado community where we live and work. We will likely have some fun videos and links to theatre and Golden-related things as well. Great relationships have great communication and great communication leads to better understanding, and at MAP we pride ourselves on being a place for the community to gather and better understand each other.

Watch for weekly blog posts from us especially during this time of physical distancing, it doesn’t have to mean social distancing. Let us know what you would like to see or hear about from us. Who knows maybe we can even get Jonathan to disclose his process for creating drinks for the shows! So, stay tuned, and we will see you at the theatre very soon!

-Leslie Rutherford